A digital solution for more sustainability in supply chain and at your own site

Proper assessment, analysis, dialogue and documentation needs to be initiated in all organization to draw their social and environmental standings and be on the runway to more sustainable business operation. Team Umbertine thrives on the idea of creating this sustainable business ecosystem where organizations are intrinsically motivated.

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Umbertine brings more sustainability through initiating a six-step process

Umbertine handles the first three steps of a six-step process chain guideline of making business operation more sustainable. The path towards more sustainable business operation isn’t complete without completion of the six-step process and therefor it is recommended that the last 3 steps that is not covered by the tool is also initiated.

How the tool works

Self Assesment

Collection of scattered data

Every user is given a login credential that they can use to access their self assessment portal. Data is collected under multiple chapters based on the module. Users can log in to access their data anytime but can't modify the assessment once it is past the expiration date or is submitted by the user.


Analysis of Collected data

The scattered data is then organized, assessed and analyzed. First by team Umbertine and then the tool itself.


Converting collected data into meaningful information

In the third step the inserted data is converted into meaningful information by the tool in the form of a report. The database of German Federal Environmental Agency is used as a reference to organize the environment spectrum and Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh and Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety is used as a reference to deal with the social spectrum.


Fact based dialouge from generated information

Based on the report generated in the 3rd step dialogue within your company and with your clients is possible. For an efficient organized improvement process input from experts could be helpful to create better working conditions and less impact on environment.


Objective orientated strategy will bring more sustainability in the business processes

Dialogues should lead to a strategy with at least three areas of concern where improvements are aimed for by means of implementing programs.


Improvements are documented

In the 6th and final step of the process, the measures are implemented by the responsible managers and their effect is documented. This can work as a baseline for further improvements.

Tool Applicability

Three modules of Umbertine cover all three categories of probable users

Basic 1 and Basic 2 are directed to producers of consumer goods. Basic 1 covers general data of a producer and can be done individually. It is compulsory to participate in the Basic 2 module to evaluate the resource consumption and subsequent burden production aspect.

Home is the self-assessment tool for own site of the business-entities either of importers or bank or other institutions. General scattered data about the site, safety equipment and measures, human resource, resources used are collected and turned into meaningful information in the form of a comprehensive report.

Team Umbertine

Behind the online solution of Umbertine there is a team that is continuously involved with maintaining the working mechanism of any project initiated through the platform. Members of our team are located both in Europe and Asia allowing us the leverage to understand both the importer/retailer perspective and also the supplier perspective.



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